My name is Ilana Guttman and I live in Mexico City. I am 16 years old and I went to the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company’s Summer Intensive Dance program last summer.  I originally danced contemporary lyrical dance, technique, and rikudei am (Israeli Folkloric Dance).
The experience at KCDC’s Summer Intensive was amazing!  Everyone there, between the other participants and the staff, were so nice and the teachers are extremely talented.  The level of dance of KCDC is very high, advanced,  and very good quality.  I was not very experienced in classical ballet, so that aspect was a little bit hard for me since the intensive is ballet-based, but I did my best and ended up with amazing dance technique, presence and results, so I’m extremely grateful to the Summer Intensive for that.
The dance repertoire of KCDC is absolutely beautiful and fun to dance.  Nowadays in Mexico I simply can’t stop dancing those choreographies that I learned.  The teachers are very experienced and the staff is very kind and entertaining.
It was a very rich experience that I will never forget. I recommend with all my heart KCDC’s Summer Intensive and all it has to offer.
Hope to see you all soon!

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