“The committed performance of the cast and the purity of the choreography will win you over.”
– The New York Times

Horses in the Sky
by Rami Be’er

Premiered at the Sydney Opera House in August and September 2016

“KCDC demonstrates a fresh and innovative language in its excellent production of Horses in the Sky by Be’er, which brings together dreams and a sense of impending apocalypse.”
– Haaretz

“Be’er never disappoints! He is a professional who knows exactly how to capture his audience’s interest, and skillfully masters all the secrets of the stage.”
– Habama

“Solid, well-structured and impressively executed both in its language and staging.”
– The Jerusalem Post

Choreography, Stage & Lighting Design: Rami Be’er
Music: S. Endresen, C. Wallumrod, H. Stern, Bjork, Fuck Buttons, Krieg und Frieden, A. Desplat, Olafur, Faultline, Eleni, J. Carpenters, Murkof, Alejandro Therasi, A Silver, Mt. Zion
Sound Editing: Rami Be’er
Costume Design: Rami Be’er
Rehearsal Director: Nitza Gombo

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