We recognize that for most teenagers and young adults finding the financial means to finance the Summer Intensive dance program tuition fee and flight to Israel, can be challenging and therefore we have listed below numerous scholarship opportunities that we encourage you to seek out and contact as soon as possible.

We assure you that there are plenty of scholarship available to help you finance and cover the cost of the Summer Intensive. Its just a matter of doing a little research and pursuing the leads below and finding ones that are similar to these and relevant to you and your country of original, etc.

There are hundreds of scholarships such as the ones we’ve listed below and therefore, we have provided you with a list of reputable grants and scholarships available for dancers such as yourself, seeking to take part in our Summer Intensive dance program.  The earlier you begin this process, the better.

**In addition to all of the grants and scholarships below, we suggest that you contact your country’s cultural department at their embassy in Israel to make them aware of your desire and intention to participate in KCDC’s Summer Intensive and request support from them and ask them of other organizations, foundations and scholarships that are available for young artists seeking to further develop themselves.

We will be glad to assist you with any letter you need from us in order to apply for any scholarship or grant.

You’re welcome to contact our International Director, Yoni Avital to request such a letter by sending an e-mail to yoni@kcdc.co.il