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KCDC Main Company Dancers 2015-2016 Season

  • Ben Bach

    Ben Bach

    Born in 1989.  Graduated from Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts.  Was awarded full scholarships to the George Balanchine's School of American Ballet, The Julliard School and San Francisco Ballet School.  Finalist at the 2005 Mia Arbatova Dance Competition.  Earned scholarships from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation between 2002-2006.  

    Joined the San Francisco Ballet for the 2005-2006 season. Joined The Hamburg Ballet - John Neumeier 2006-2010.  Joined KCDC’s second company in August 2010.  Joined KCDC’s main company the following year.
  • David Ben Shimon

    David Ben Shimon

    Born in Virginia, U.S. in 1983, David started training in ballet at the age of five.  His primary dance education started at Virginia Ballet Theatre and Governor's School for the Arts in Norfolk, Virginia. After primary training, he studied at the Harid Conservatory, School of American Ballet and Miami City Ballet School all of whom awarded him with a full scholarship. Performed ‘Nutcraker’ with the Carolina Ballet.  Danced professionally with Miami Contemporary Ballet, Todd Rosenlieb Dance, and in American Repertory Ballet and also performed with The Virginia Opera and Boheme Opera.

    Participated in KCDC’s 5-month International ‘Dance Journey’ study abroad program for international dancers in KCDC’s International Dance Village.  Joined KCDC’s Second Company in August 2010 and KCDC’s main company in September 2012.  David also helps run the international auditions for the Dance Journey program and teaches ballet to the program’s dancers.
  • Roni Ben Simon

    Roni Ben Simon

    Born in 1992.  Lives in Yokneam Illit. Graduate of Kiryat Tivon High School for Dance.  In 2010, Joined the second company as an apprentice for the course of a year and soon after was drafted into the IDF.  Continued to dance in difference programs during her army service and in September 2013 joined KCDC 2.  Joined KCDC’s main company in September 2014.
  • Anastasia Cheshun

    Anastasia Cheshun

    Born in Moscow, Russia in 1992.  Studied at the Arabesque Academy of Dancing in Mosscow from 2000-2003.  From 2003-2008 studied at the First School Musical's Department of Dance in Moscow.

    Danced in the Boroditsky Dennis Dance Company led by Artistic Director Dennis Boroditsky from 2008-2012.  Joined KCDC's main company in September 2015.
  • Shani Cohen

    Shani Cohen

    Born in Jerusalem 1988.  Started dancing in Mehola Dance Center at the age of 10. Studied at the Jersualem Academy High School of Music and Dance.  In 2004 won a scholarship for The American Academy of Ballet’s summer program.  At the age of 16 she joined the Mate Asher Dance Program in Kibbutz Ga’aton and two years later, joined KCDC 2.  Joined KCDC’s main company in September 2008.

  • Frida Dam Seidel

    Frida Dam Seidel

    Born in Denmark 1993. Started dancing at the age of 13. Graduated from the Royal Swedish Ballet School (contemporary direction) in Stockholm 2013. Chosen for NUdans 2013 at the Gothenburg Opera in Sweden for the work with Rebecca Hytting.

    Was awarded scholarships from the Wilhelm Hansen Foundation, Aalborg Foundation and Præmieselskabets Foundation, for the participation in Gaga Summer Intensive and KCDC international Dance Journey program in 2013-2014.  Joined KCDC’s main company as an apprentice in March 2014 and as a dancer in September 2014.
  • Niv Elbaz

    Niv Elbaz

    Born 1993.  From Shoham, Israel.  A graduate of The Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts. Between 2008-2010, was awarded a scholarship from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation (AICF).  Earned scholarships for summer courses in Cyprus, Zaltzburg and New York.  

    Joined KCDC's Second Company (KCDC 2) as an apprentice in September 2012 and as a dancer in September 2013.  Was an outstanding dancer in the IDF and joined KCDC’s main company in September 2014.
  • Nadav Gal

    Nadav Gal

    Born in Israel in 1991. Graduated from The Jerusalem Academy High School for Music and Dance.  He joined their young company in 2009.  In 2010, joined the IDF for two years of service.  Graduated from Bikurei HaItim's dance program.  Joined KCDC 2 in September 2013 and KCDC’s main company in September 2014.
  • Martin Harriague

    Martin Harriague

    Born in 1986 in Bayonne, France. Started classical and contemporary dance at the age of 19.  Joined the Malandain Ballet Biarritz (France) in 2007, Ballet National de Marseille (France) in 2008, and Noord Nederlandse Dans (Netherlands) from 2010 until 2013. Joined KCDC's main company in September 2013.

    Martin has worked with Itzik Galili, Emmanuel Gat, Roy Assaf, Andrea Miller, Keren Levi, Stephen Shropshire, Frederic Flamand, Thomas Noone, Reut Shemesh. In parallel to his dancing career, he is choreographing his own work and composing his own music. His work has received international recognition and awards in competitions Stuttgart and Hanover as well as in Copenhagen. He has created for Ballet National de Marseille, Noord Nederlandse Dans, and is now creating for KCDC. He will choreograph for Scapino Ballet in the Netherlands in 2017.
  • SuJeong Kim

    SuJeong Kim

    Born in Seoul, Korea. Started dancing at the age of 15.  Graduated from M.D Dept. of Dance(1992), B.D Dept. of Dance (1996), Ewha Womans University.  She had been the backbone of 'TAM Dance Company' which was one of leading contemporary dance groups in Korea. She was chosen as a new rising artist by Cultural Art Foundation.  Choreographer by critics's choice.  Awarded Grand-pris with the title "Happy Tears - Episode #1" in 2009 at the Seoul International Choreography Festival.

    She has worked as a dancers with Joelle Bouvier, Uri Ivgi, and Johan Greben amongst others. In parallel to her dancing career, she is choreographing her own work and directing her own company Crystal Dance Company based in Korea.  Joined KCDC in September 2014.
  • Ilya Nikurov

    Ilya Nikurov

    Born in 1982 in Kemerovo, Russia. Started ballroom dance at the age of 7. Studied at multiple dance schools including “The Style” and “Second Parallel”.  Awarded by the ministry of education of Russian Federation for a solo performance in 2005.  

    Danced with folk dance company, Siberian Kaleidoscope from 2004-2008.  Principal dancer with Boroditsky Dennis Dance Company (BDDC) from 2009-2011. Dancer in “Kamera” choreographed by Ann Van den Broek in 2012.  Performed in musical theatre show “Hooligan. Confession” from 2011-2014.  Dancer with The Great Moscow Circus from 2009-2014.  Joined KCDC in September 2014.
  • Renana Randy

    Renana Randy

    Born in 1973.  Grew up in Kibbutz Ein Gedi. At the age of 16 began to dace at The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem.  Joined the Mateh Asher School of Performing Arts (MASPA) and received a special scholarship.  In 1995 joined the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company.  On 2001 received the Yair Shapira prize for Dancers.  Danced with Inbal Pinto & Avshalom Pollak Dance Company, then returned to KCDC and in 2002 received prize for performance excellence from the Ministry of Education & Sport.  In 2004, studied at the Wingate Institute for physical education and sport.

    A certified hydrotherapist by Beit Issie Shapiro.  Studied at The Nat Holman School for Coaches and Instructors in 2008 and she is a gym instructor, personal trainer and childern's fitness instructor.  In 2009 became a certified yoga instructor at Yoga Shala in Tel Aviv under the guidance of Miri and Gili Haruvi.  Renana combines her artistic work with her various fields of study into a way of life.
  • Hagar Shachal

    Hagar Shachal

    Born 1993, lives in Hertzeliya. Started dancing at the Lea Manor Studio. A graduate of The Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts. Was awarded scholarships from America-Israel Cultural Foundation 2010.  Completed the dance training program at Bikurei HaItim.

    Joined KCDC’s Second Company (KCDC 2) as an apprentice in September 2012 and as a dancer in September 2013.  Joined KCDC’s main company in September 2014.
  • Jin Hwan Seok

    Jin Hwan Seok

    Dancer and choreographer born in South Korea.  He studied at the Kyungbuk Art High School and The Hansung University in Seoul, South Korea.  Danced in the Korea National Contemporary Dance Company from 2011-2013. Winner of the first prize in the National Dance Contest of South Korea and was invited to present his solo performance during Seoul Dance Festival.

    Was a member of Dance and Movement Theatre ROZBARK in Bytom, Poland under the Artistic Direction of Uri Ivgi & Johan Greben where he danced in their works of 'This is Not a Love Song' as well as Anna Piotrowska's piece 'I Don't Want To Be A Horse.'  Joined KCDC's main company in September 2015.
  • Olga Stetsyuk

    Olga Stetsyuk

    Born in Ukraine 1987. Began dancing at the age of 8. Studied at Codarts Dance Academy in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. In 2011 graduated from Fontys' Tillburg Dance Academy (physical dance theatre/modern). Internship with DGA, Project Sally.  Joined KCDC as an apprentice September 2013 and as a company dancer in September 2014.
  • Sedrig Verwoert

    Sedrig Verwoert

    Born in Suriname in 1992.  From Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Graduate of de Teaterschool; Amsterdam School of the Arts (AHK) where he studied with Simon de Mowbray and Gerleen Balstra.  Trained at Lucia Marthas Institute For Performing Arts.

    Danced professionally in The Lion King (The Musical), Nita Liem's Don't Hit Mama, The Dutch Opera's Doctor Atomic, and Samadhi Dance Company led by Artistic Director Vraja Sundari Keilman.  Appeared on the Dutch television show NTR  with the work of Ed Wubbe; Choreographer and Artistic Director of Scapino Ballet.  Took first place in Eurovision Young Dancers NTR 2013 dancing works by Choreographers Michael Nunn and Billy Trevit ('The Balletboyz').  Recipient of a scholarship by Igal Perry and enrolled in the certificate program in New York and joined the Peridance Contemporary Dance Company.  Participated in Intensive Programs with Henny Jurriëns, Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT), Batsheva Dance Company, and Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet.

    Danced in works by Dwight Rhoden of Complexions Contemporary Ballet, Maurice Causey, Hofesh Schechter's Political Mother, Bryan Arias and other projects across Europe.  Joined KCDC's main company in September 2015.
  • Megan Doheny

    Megan Doheny

    Born in the United States in 1991. Graduated from the Orange County School of the Arts with 'Director's Award' honor. Received an Honorable Mention scholarship from the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts in 2010. Studied towards a BFA in dance at the Alvin Ailey School at Fordham University and at Chapman University. Participated in KCDC's 10-month Dance Journey international dance study program in September 2014. Joined KCDC's main company as an apprentice in September 2015.