Until The 2022 Kibbutz Summer Intensive!

Premium Dance School

One of the best Summer Dance Schools for high school & university students

Complete Dance Curriculum

Study Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Company Repertoire & Much More!

Professional Development

Dance Workshops & A Deep Personal Development Experience

Professional Dance Environment

Train with dance students from across the world at the International Dance Village in Kibbutz Ga’aton, Israel

Follow your Passion

Dream Come True: Meet Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company Dancers & Choreographers

International Experience

Make new friends from all over the world at the best summer dance camp!

Discover The World

Fun days at the Mediterranean Sea & field trips to Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Akko and Masada

For All Levels

Suitable for all levels, from beginner/intermediate to pre-professional

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** Due to the fact that demand for the annual Kibbutz Summer Intensive is quite high and that space is limited, we strongly encourage interested dancers and dance students to register for the program during the summer and fall of 2021 and not wait till the spring of 2022. We have additional helpful information about the program on the Frequently Asked Questions page here.  For any other questions, please contact our International Director, Mr. Yoni Avital at yoni@kcdc.co.il or via Whatsapp at +31-68-8006-8709.

2-Week Program

$2,150 USD
• JULY 10-21 •
• JULY 24 - AUGUST 4 •
• AUGUST 7-18 •
Tuition & Dates

All meals, accommodation, field trips, health insurance and registration fee are included!

4-Week Program

$4,000 USD
• JULY 10 - AUGUST 4 •
• JULY 24 – AUGUST 18 •
Tuition & Dates

All meals, accommodation, field trips, health insurance and registration fee are included!

6-Week Program

$5,900 USD
• JULY 10 - AUGUST 18 •
Tuition & Dates

All meals, accommodation, field trips, health insurance and registration fee are included!

International Summer Intensive Testimonials


The day begins with a nutritious Mediterranean breakfast together will all the Summer Intensive participants at our cafeteria and social hall together with dancers from across North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australasia. Following breakfast, we warm up in one of our 10 large professional studios at the International Dance Village with a ballet technique class led by ballet masters and company dancers. Then we take a short snack break with fresh fruits and drinks and proceed to the second-morning class which can consist of either company repertoire, modern, contemporary, hip-hop, improvisation, depending on the day and your group schedule. After lunch, dancers take two additional classes which vary by day.

In addition to the daily technique classes, all participants have the opportunity to attend company rehearsals and performances in the company’s Zichri Theatre at the International Dance Village, where our main company creates and works year round together with Artistic Director Rami Be’er.

Teachers include Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company’s dancers, renowned ballet masters, international choreographers as well as guest artists. All the students live together in the International Dance Village’s accommodations; just a short walking distance to the studios, and eat all meals in the cafeteria, which provides a full-service dining room with kosher meals and extensive vegetarian options.

After classes, participants have free access to relax by the beautiful outdoor pool near the studios, overlooking the lush green hills of the Galilee and the Mediterranean Sea. In the evenings, following dinner, we offer fun social activities from baking Middle Eastern pita bread to bonfires, music and movie nights. Students living in the residence hall are supervised by our residential staff of live-in professionals. Weekends include field trips on alternate Fridays in the middle of each 2-week session to the Mediterranean Sea beach near The Village, to cultural and historical landmarks and plenty of opportunities to discover and taste local cuisine and meet first-hand the welcoming and diverse culture of Israel.

All activities and classed are supervised by our professional staff and residential counselors.

Questions may be directed to yoni@kcdc.co.il or tel. +31-6-8006-8709 


We welcome dance students of high school and university ages with prior training in classical ballet or contemporary dance. Familiarity with classic modern dance techniques is helpful.  Dance students who have already graduated from the university are also welcome.

The program is a truly transformative experience with a strong dance intensive component along with cultural immersion and personal development opportunities, offering teenagers and young adults a chance to gain international experience while living among one of the world’s leading contemporary dance companies at the International Dance Village in Kibbutz Ga’aton, Israel.

Enrollment in the Summer Dance Intensive is open to all and is on a first come first served basisNo audition is required.  In order to reserve your spot, students just need to complete the registration form and process the registration payment.

Dance students who are currently studying at a dance academy, high school for the arts, and/or university dance program and would like to receive course credits (accreditation) for the Summer Intensive, may do so and learn more here.


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COVID-19 | Refund Policy

As Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company follows the guidelines announced by the Israeli government, should we be forced to cancel our international dance programs (the Dance Journey program and/or the Kibbutz Summer Intensive) due to COVID-19, all payments will be refunded in their full amount less the credit card and banking fees.

In light of the current regulations surrounding COVID-19 and the ‘Green Label’ that is coming into effect in Israel for those who have received the COVID-19 vaccine, we do expect that the Israeli government will instate a requirement for all those entering Israel in the coming months to also have been vaccinated and, therefore, highly recommend that anyone planning on participating in the Kibbutz Summer Intensive and/or in the Dance Journey program, to receive the COVID-19 vaccine before his/her flight to Israel and be sure to have an official travel document which states and confirms that you’ve been vaccinated for the virus.

For additional information and any questions, please contact:

Yoni Avital
International Director
Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company
E-mail yoni@kcdc.co.il
Mobile +31-6-8006-8709
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Participation in the Kibbutz Summer Intensive is based upon sound physical and mental health.