This program is incredibly powerful and meaningful and I’m confident in saying that it changed the lives of each one of us.

Having first arrived to the Dance Journey program from Argentina, I had not known what was to be expected other than the fact that I was here to dance.  The Dance Village quickly felt like a new home, meeting exceptional people from all over the world in a beautiful setting with amazing dance studios.  Quickly my neighbors and fellow dancers in the program became like a new family.  Between the cafe on the kibbutz, having dinner together with new friends from across the globe, sitting together for tea at night, having Friday night dinner together, the whole experience felt like home while everything around you is dance!

The field trips throughout the country, performance opportunities, new material, high level of intensive dance study and other other opportunities will push you to new heights.  Learning from top dance teachers and from KCDC’s company dancers in second to none.

Life during these 5 months went by so quickly that I felt myself continuingly being aware and grateful of this special opportunity.  Only now that its ended, do I realize what an intense and significant impact and impression its left on me as well as on my friends from the Dance Journey program.  I’ve made such great progress and have grown tremendously as a dancer and my body and its ability as developed tremendously.

I found Israel to be a land full of amazing people and energy.  People who are willing to help you find your way.  The beautiful sites that we explored on field trips throughout the country will certainly remain ingrained forever.

This was the best decision that I could ever have done!  An experience to discover your soul, your body, the world and much more.  An experience that will push you to your limits.  And the best thing about it all is that it takes place at Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company´s home.

Judit Eliosoff Ferrero
Benos Aires, Argentina

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