Shulamit Bar Gai

Physical Awareness, Conditioning

Danced at the Ga’aton Dance School from an early age. Upon completing high school, joined the Sadna (Ga’aton Workshop) for a one-year program up until her army service. A graduate of both London’s Laban Centre and Amsterdam’s Theatre School’s Modern Dance Department. Performed as a dancer at the Dance Umbrella Festival and with various choreographers and projects during her studies.

Upon returning to Israel, Shulamit danced in the Ruth Ziv Eyal Dance Theatre Group while teaching. She currently teaches in the ‘Sadna’ (the one and two-year program for professional dance training at the Dance Workshop Ga’aton) and is a dance instructor at KCDC’s Summer Intensive. Teaches modern dance to junior high school in the dance school in Ga’aton where she is also part of the managerial team.