We welcome you to come and visit The International Dance Village, home to the internationally-acclaimed Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company (KCDC). Situated in Kibbutz Ga’aton and in one of the most beautiful places in the Galilee, the village has been the heart and home of KCDC since 1970. Surrounded by green bloom and crisp air, where the atmosphere is simply inspiring, nearly 100 dancers from across the world live, work, and create year-round.

A visit to the International Dance Village offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of dancers and teaches the visitor about the secrets of excellence, cooperative work, community and support, sense of purpose, and fulfillment of dreams. Such a visit is a special experience full of excitement and learning through the world of dance.

The visit to the International Dance Village begins with a rare behind-the-scenes look into one of the leading dance companies in Israel and in the world. The story of the place is told during a guided tour, video screening, and a meeting with the KCDC dancers and KCDC’s Artistic Director, Rami Be’er, who tells the story of the dance village, the company, and his own personal artistic method and expression as an artistic director and choreographer.

Every visit includes either a live performances or an open rehearsal in one of the eight active dance studios. In addition, guests will visit dance classes and rehearsals; a fascinating experience which bring visitors into the world of the dancer and the company at large.

You can also combine a fascinating improvisation workshop led by a company dancer. This is a kinesthetic experience that is appropriate for all ages, including those with no dance experience.

The visit can be a few hours long or a full day. You may also combine breakfast and/or lunch in the pastoral setting of the dance village that also elicits appetite.

The visit to the International Dance Village can also be combined with another tourist landmark in the Galilee from within a tourist package for your choosing.