Shortly after I arrived to KCDC’s International Dance Village and the Dance Journey program began, I quickly learned how amazing this program and experience is.

When I decided to join the Dance Journey, it was not without uncertainties and anxieties regarding how it would be. Not only because it is far from home but also because I had numerous other desires and directions in life and my pre-professional dancing career. I knew it was to include high-level training with professional dancers and teachers from KCDC’s main company and that the people in charge of the program were very friendly, but I had no idea what was awaiting me.

We are currently learning sections of Aide-Mémoire ; one of the company’s strongest, most-moving, and internationally-recognized works by Artistic Director Rami Be’er. But it is not only the subject matter of this specific work but the movement, the music, and everything around it which allows us to delve into every detail as dancers.

The ballet and modern dance classes our outstanding. I’m clearly gaining strength, flexibility and developing quality of movement in a new way. Moreover, in the early morning, evenings and weekends there is always space where I can warm up or train independently. For me, living in the same place where you are training is incredible. It offers me a relaxing and convenient environment where I can be focused on dance.

Kibbutz Ga’aton where the International Dance Village lies, is an incredibly beautiful place with such a friendly and welcoming environment. On weekends we can either stay and relax, work and create in the dance studios, or take a road trip with friends and discover the country even more! I’m beyond happy with my choice to attend this program and am fully aware and appreciative of every day I’m here.

Delphine Jungman
Paris, France

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