I always thought that if you wanted to be a dancer, you must live in a big city because that’s where ‘it’s happening.’  And that’s what I did, going from big city to big city in pursuit of working with and learning from the best teachers.  For years I had only dreamed about this quiet place where I could train as much as possible.

Thankfully, I discovered and learned about KCDC’s International Dance Village in Kibbutz Ga’aton.  I arrived to the Dance Journey program with many personal goals but had no idea of how much the people here (the teachers, the staff, and the students) would care about us.  Never did I realize before I arrived how much they would push us; whatever the level or background we have. This place is all about the love of dance.

It is this place where you can live your passion and really improve without being treated like one of many as here you’re treated and given attention as an individual.  It’s a place where you can learn about yourself more that you could have ever imagined.

Sophie Melis
Brussels, Belgium

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