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A revelation of the inner seam of life’s chapters. A creation in which the garment transforms as the hidden inner stitchings are exposed. Time and life segments which blur the boundaries between memory and imagination. From behind the scenes of a crumbling world whose elements do not coincide with one another.
Yearning for what is complete and whole within the existence of what’s missing.

Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company - Undivided Voide

Choreography, Stage Design & Lighting: Rami Be’er
Music: J.S. Bach, O. Arnalds, Godspeed You Black Emperor, L. Berio, H. Gundnadottir, B.B. Frick, S. Ros, R. Aubry, H. Hahn & Hauschka, H. Lachenmann, Monolake, Murkof, A. Scarlatti
Sound Editing: Alex Claude, Rami Be’er
Costume Design: Lilach Hatzbani, Rami Be’er
Rehearsal Director: Nitza Gombo

Length: 65 Minutes

“The beauty of this work is relatively modest, exemplifying complete control and the artistic maturity in this composition by Rami Be’er which encapsulates him as a master.” Ha’aretz