The International Dance Village in Kibbutz Ga’aton in the Galilee of Northern Israel

Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, a cultural gem that has been a significant contributor to the world of performing arts. Led by the esteemed Artistic Director Rami Be’er, our company has served as a vital cultural ambassador for Israel, promoting artistic excellence and international collaboration for over 5 decades.

However, our vibrant community, nestled in the International Dance Village in Kibbutz Ga’aton, Israel, has recently been shaken and torn apart by the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, with the constant looming threat of another war on the Lebanese border with Hezbollah. The safety of our dancers, who hail from around the globe, has become a paramount concern in light of recent events.

On October 7th, tragedy struck, compelling the majority of our main company, composed mostly of international dancers, to return to their respective home countries. The perilous lack of bomb shelters or safe rooms at our company’s home the International Dance Village in Kibbutz Ga’aton (just a few kilometers south of the Lebanese border) has left us facing an urgent crisis. Without the necessary safety measures in place, we are unable to resume our work and continue our artistic endeavors.

Our commitment to the arts, education, and cultural exchange remains unwavering, and we are reaching out to you, a stalwart supporter of these values, to help us overcome this pressing challenge. We urgently seek funding to build bomb shelters and safe rooms for each member of our main company, ensuring their safety and allowing them to pursue their passion for dance without fear.

Your generous contribution will not only safeguard the lives of our talented dancers but also uphold the legacy of Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company as a beacon of artistic excellence in Israel. We believe that by supporting the arts, culture, and education, we contribute to the fabric of a more compassionate and connected world.

We sincerely thank you for considering our plea and for your ongoing support. Your commitment to the performing arts makes a tangible difference in the lives of artists and contributes to the resilience of our cultural institutions.

To make a donation click here or discuss how you can contribute, please feel free to contact us via our International Director, Mr. Yoni Avital at +31-6-8006-8709, via WhatsApp here, or via email at [email protected]

With heartfelt gratitude,

The Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company Family


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‘Horses in the Sky’ by Artistic Director Rami Be’er | Premiere at The Sydney Opera House

Your generous support will go directly towards supporting our dancers, staff, performances, and all of the educational and community outreach activities (read below) at the International Dance Village, home to Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company.

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For all questions relating to support and contributions, please contact:

Yoni Avital
International Director
Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: +31-6-8006-8709 | WhatsApp

We thank all our Friends of the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, including organizations, public institutions and many individuals who support us daily and take part in our development including:

Ministry of Culture and Sport
Raya Strauss
Kibbutz Movement
Mateh Asher Regional Council
Ministry of Forein Affairs | Kashtum
The Beracha Foundation
Anatta LTD
Rashi Foundation
Dalia and Eli Hurvitz Foundation LTD

MASA Israel in partnership with The Jewish Agency for Israel
The Steinmentz Family
The Sagol Family
Kibbutz Ga’aton
Poalim Bakehila
The Galileo Foundation
The Angel Foundation
Miluout – Corporation for the Development of Haifa Bay Settlements
TAG Medical Products
IDB Foundation
The Marc Rich Foundation
Shai Leisrael
Kibbutz Sasa
Kibbutz Ein HaMifratz
Kibbutz Ma’anit
ICA in Israel

Your generous support will go directly towards the following activities at the International Dance Village, the home of Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in the Western Galilee of Israel and which include:

  • Support our dancers and staff during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis
  • Dance Scholarships to the 5-month Dance Journey pre-professional study abroad program for international dancers
  • Dance Scholarships to the Kibbutz Summer Intensive | A 2, 4, and 6-week program for dance students from both Israel and abroad
  • Dance Programs for At-Risk Youth
  • Multi-Cultural Project Bringing Together Jews & Arabs Who Share a Common Love for Dance
  • Programs for Advanced Dancers (‘Excellence Program’)
  • Dance Workshops for dance students from dance leading dance academies and centers from Israel and across the world.
  • Projects working with communities with special needs, mentally-ill populations, and victims of domestic abuse.

“The International Dance Village and Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company is a magnet for cultural development in the Galilee. It is because of them that there exists an industry of art and culture. Equally important, the youth in the Galilee is given the opportunity to express itself creatively and it’s upon us to support and develop them.” Raya Strauss

“The combination of the International Dance Village and the exciting artistry of Rami Be’er, brings about a level of unparalleled excellence to the work of Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company and a sense of inspiration to all the region’s residents and visitors alike.”
Roni Tochner

“We have the duty and the privilege to support amazingly ambitious youth and enable them to reach significant achievements that bring honor to our country and contribute to society.”
Tova Sagol