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The Director’s Cut 2022

A new work rising from iconic moments, re-emerging in a surprising and immersive Director’s Cut. Choreographer Rami Be’er connects the past, the present, and the future by breaking down components and sequences in a new interpretation and with a fresh point of view, which changes who and what is happening around it.

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TA_ATUA (Delusion) 2021

Created during the Corona period. During the lockdowns and between the lockdowns; with all the limitations of keeping a distance of two meters with masks in the studio and even being in the studio.

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A Good Citizen 2019

"I came into the world on the 3rd of October 1957. I was brought up in Kibbutz Ga'aton. I went properly to school. As to gender, I'm a man.
Concerning class, I come from a good family. My name is Rami Be'er and I am a good citizen."

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Asylum 2018

In his work ‘Asylum’, Be’er examines concepts such as identity, foreignness, oppression, discrimination, domination, freedom, belonging, immigration, homeland, longing, and home.

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Mother’s Milk 2017

Dedicated to the late parents of Artistic Director & Choreographer Rami Be'er; Shosha & Menny Be'er

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White Box | KCDC 2 2017

An interactive performance by Roni Brendshteter for the entire family performed by KCDC 2; Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company's Second Company

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Horses in the Sky 2016

A space of movement in constant change. Empty spaces, splashes of color, moments of convergence. Landscape, a glance, a touch. A whiff of remembrance in time and space.

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Lullaby For Bach 2015

Lullaby For Bach is an incisive observation of and about ourselves. The work calls our attention, even if unwillingly, to the processes of destruction and devastation perpetrated by man.

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Signs (KCDC 2) 2014

In the modern era we are surrounded by an endless medium of communication; the internet, computers, mobile phones, 'signs', instructions, sensitization, question marks

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Undivided Void 2013

A revelation of the inner seam of life’s chapters. A creation in which the garment transforms as the hidden inner stitchings are exposed. Time and life segments which blur the boundaries ...

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If At All 2012

A moving theatrical event in figurative and abstract circles, from the closed form to the open structure. Physical space in motion whose essence is a chain of events of diverse ...

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First Of All Stories (KCDC 2) 2012

A theatrical world where characters come to life. Intended to be performed in a theatrical arena or setting in elementary schools and high schools where the audience sit around the stage. The close proximity and interaction of the audience with the performing dancers, creates tension and uniqueness.

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Bein Kodesh Le’hol 2011

Bein Kodesh Le'Hol (Lit. 'Between Sacred & Profrane) is a physical journey which is unassigned. Present and continuous tearing, traction, deletion and fusion.
The remains of architectural spaces, open landscape that broke up and became a part of it ...

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Transform 2010

A grotesque glimpse into the society of consumerism, the massive exposure to advertisement, and the inability to make conscious choices in accordance to individual necessities and political decisions...

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Infrared 2009

A black garden is revealed. An invisible world is revealed using the infrared light spectrum. Black bodies reveal colors...

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360° | KCDC 2 2009

An interactive performance between dancers and audience. A Total dance experience of suspense and great energy. Theatrical dialogue between the unique movement language of Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company and the audience...

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60 Hertz 2008

Once I went to pick up an electrical system that works on 400 volts, 200 amps. 60 Hz everywhere, regular wrenches in each phase...

Power of Attorney 2007

“What justifies the loneliness and great despair more than anything, The strange bearing the burden of loneliness and great despair, Is the simple and conclusive fact that we have nowhere to go ... "

To Whom it My Concern 2007
Ekodoom 2006

Ekodoom is a self examination. The work turns our gaze, even if involuntarily, to the Process of wreckage and destruction caused by mankind.

Upon Reaching The Sun 2005

Have you ever felt, upon reaching a challenging juncture,
That you need know what time you are in?

Foramen Magnum 2004
Clip Trip 2003
Screensaver 2002

Each of us possesses a visible screen and additional screens. Each of us possesses a frame within a private living space...

Butterflies 2001

The butterfly serves as an inspiration in all areas of creativity, In all of us exists the notion of being occupied by the butterfly And imagery stimulus for the imagination of the creator.

Aide Memoire 1994

The influence of the memory of the holocaust on our lives today, Aide Memoire is not about the holocaust nor does it describe the holocaust. It deals with matters relating to present life ...

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Choreographic Works by Rami Be'er

1983 Sonatina
1984 Peter and the Wolf
1985 Dances to Songs
1986 Los Atados
1986 Carnival of the Animals
1987 Guide to the Orchestra
1988 Dance Concertantes
1989 A Sorcerer’s Apprentice
1989 Reservist Diary
1990 Loops
1990 Card Game
1991 Real Time
1992 Angelos Negros
1992 Wing’d Dream
1992 Minuit
1993 Naked City
1994 Beginning of Silence
1994 Aide Memoire
1995 Makomshehu
1996 When Most I Wink
1997 Masah Sod
1998 The Unanswered Question
1999 On the Edge
2000 Ratel Saka
2001 Kasoon
2001 Parparim
2002 Screensaver
2003 Clip-Trip
2003 Q-fan
2004 Foramen Magnum
2004 Multifidus
2004 Action-U
2005 Upon Reaching the Sun
2006 Ekodoom
2007 To Whom It May Concern
2007 Kef-Kefim
2008 Nemashim
2008 60 Hz
2009 360°
2009 Infrared
2010 Transform
2011 Bein Kodesh Le’Hol
2012 If At All
2013 Undivided Void
2014 Simanim
2015 Lullaby For Bach
2016 Horses in the Sky
2017 Mother’s Milk
2018 Asylum

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