“At a certain point, you simply give up trying to understand and just look in wonder!”

-Gabi Alder, Habama

The work of TA_ATUA (Delusion), we created during the Corona period.  During the lockdowns and between the lockdowns; with all the limitations of keeping a distance of two meters with masks in the studio and even being in the studio. At one point, we received permission for the company to be in the studio in capsules or small and limited groups.  These were times when no one knew what this virus was all about.  There was fear, insecurity, and uncertainty with its virality, and its effect, with so many unknowns.  We also had to take into consideration our 13 international dancers; a company whose three-quarters of its dancers were in Israel during the time that there was a complete lockdown of Tel Aviv’s international airport.  These dancers were dealing with great concern for their loved ones, their home country, and their families and were faced with much unknown while our and their collective existence and foundation was unstable.  In addition to this, there was much misinformation, polarization, and  ‘fake news’ regarding vaccines and how to approach them.  This entire experience was an integral part that took us through the creation process of TA_ATUA (Delusion) as we felt that the whole reality of these times of creation of the work, essentially entered the studio and entered the individual spirit, soul, and fears of the company dancers.  We tried to channel all these factors into the creation process.  

Hence, TA_ATUA (Delusion) relates to and reflects our existence as human beings as individuals, as a society, relationships in couples, or in relationships between human beings during those times and in the present moment.  The work’s title was given upon the completion of the creation process as it reflected the delusionary reality of the period of all the unknown, ‘fake news’, dilemma over whether or not to vaccinate, and uncertainty about what the virus itself was all about.  This reality was all delusive.  At the same time, this is all pertinent and touches on our collective existence and reality in ‘normal times.’

The work doesn’t tell a story, per se, but what I bring is an opportunity for each audience member to join us on a journey.  The spectator enters the theater, and sits in his seat – the lights go down, and the curtain opens.  I give the audience member a rope and hope to lead the spectator to connect to his/her own associations, memories, feelings, and thoughts.  And by this, one can tell their own ‘little stories.’  Then at the end of the performance, I hope to leave the spectator with a question mark and points to think about – Not with answers and solutions.

– Rami Be’er

Choreography, Stage, Lighting & Costume Design  Rami Be’er
Soundtrack Design  Rami Be’er, Eyal Dadon
Text  Walkers in the Dark by Hanoch Levin
Company Manager and Assistant to the Artistic Director  Nitza Gombo
Narration  Yehuda Almagor

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