Professional Dance Workshops for Students

An opportunity to ‘Dance with The Stars’, to work with company dancers, to learn professional repertoire, to speak with the company’s artistic director, to experience and get a feel for the behind-the-scenes and the on stage environment, and to learn about the life of a professional dancer.

The International Dance Village in Kibbutz Ga’aton is a home to professional dance training.  Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company offers professional and unique dance workshops that are either one day long or offered over the course of multiple days.

These dance workshops are suitable for middle school and high school students who come to take part in the program as part of of their own school’s dance department or their private dance studio.

In the workshops, students have the unique opportunity to be exposed to the “behind the scenes” work of a professional dance company and to learn firsthand about the life of a professional dancer.  They will also, of course, have the opportunity to encounter and work with original material by Rami Be’er, House Choreography and Artistic Director of Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company.

Students are invited to an open meeting with company dancers in the studio, to view a performance and to have an open conversation with the company’s directors and dancers.  As a bonus, they are also invited to participate in different classes such as ballet and modern dance, choreography, improvisation, repertoire and other options and do so together with the company’s dancers and teachers.

The company’s professional staff is made readily available to the students.  Students who are interested, are able to meet with the company’s physical therapist and to speak with him about the proper treatment of common injuries among athletes, injury prevention, strengthening muscles and body, and more.  They also meet with the company’s nutritionist; a very important subject.  Here they learn and discuss the topics of proper nutrition for dance students like them and people for youth engaging in intense physical activity during their adolescent years.