2024 Premiere 2024

Performance Information Coming Soon...

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Shpachtel (KCDC 2) 2023

A new work for KCDC 2 by Eyal Dadon. More information coming soon!

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The Director’s Cut 2022

A new work rising from iconic moments, re-emerging in a surprising and immersive Director’s Cut. Choreographer Rami Be’er connects the past, the present, and the future by breaking down components and sequences in a new interpretation and with a fresh point of view, which changes who and what is happening around it.

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Who Am I (‘Me Ani’) 2022

‘Who Am I’ (Meאני) is an introspective exploration of that idea: who are we really once all the external definitions and things are stripped away. Movement is fundamental in our process of identity development.

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INSIDERS | Creative Lab 2023

At the heart of the INSIDERS creation lies the KCDC dancers' profound yearning to create and delve into uncharted territories of artistic expression.

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TA_ATUA (Delusion) 2021

Created during the Corona period. During the lockdowns and between the lockdowns; with all the limitations of keeping a distance of two meters with masks in the studio and even being in the studio.

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Asylum 2018

In his work ‘Asylum’, Be’er examines concepts such as identity, foreignness, oppression, discrimination, domination, freedom, belonging, immigration, homeland, longing, and home.

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Kibbutz Summer Intensive 2022

Register today for an unforgettable 2-6 week Summer Intensive Dance Program for high school and university age dancers!

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