At the heart of the INSIDERS creation lies the KCDC dancers’ profound yearning to create and delve into uncharted territories of artistic expression. Guided by a shared vision, they strive to go beyond conventional forms of dance, unraveling new possibilities and pushing the limits of their physicality and imagination. Through a process of rigorous exploration, they aim to discover the essence of their personal and collective identities, unraveling the intricate tapestry of their emotions, experiences, and aspirations.

By embracing the power of movement and the absence of words, they give voice to the unspoken, allowing emotions and ideas to resonate in the hearts and minds of those who witness their performances.

Join us for an extraordinary evening at INSIDERS’ premiere performance in Ga’aton! Mark your calendar for June 18, and be captivated by the power of movement at the International Dance Village, Ga’aton. At 6PM and 8:30PM


KCDC Artistic Director: Rami Be’er
INSIDERS Project Director: Lea Bessoudo Greck

INSIDERS Creators and Performers: Nicholas Garlo, Luigi Civitarese, Sujeong Kim, Lea Bessoudo Greck, Shir Be’er, Dvir Levi, Eden Beckerman, Orin Zvulun, Michal Vach, Hadar Finkelstein, Francesco Cuoccio, Grace Gray Ward, Tommaso Zuchegna, Denver Scott, Antonio Serapiglio, Colette Rheude, Francisco Camarneiro, Gaëlle Van Lierde, Lia Lilia Blayer, Omer Tichauer, Ksenia Gluskin, Noy Banuz, Noga Sneh, Ofek Adomni, Ayala Abrams, Jasmine Kahn.

For Bookings & More Information Contact:

Yoni Avital
International Director
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +31-6-8006-8709 
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