At the heart of ‘Shpachtel‘ lies the profound impact that individuals and society have on each other. This work investigates the connection between personal choices and social influences while exploring the distinction between “herd behavior” and conscious decision-making for the betterment of the collective.

Join us as we unravel the delicate balance between conforming to societal norms and consciously choosing actions that contribute to the common good. Together, we will foster discussions that inspire critical thinking and empower each one of us to play an active role in shaping our shared future.

‘Shpachtel’ serves as a gentle call to action, encouraging us to contemplate the society we have crafted and adapt to its evolving needs. Regardless of age, we will discover the immense significance of individual reflection and the power it holds to challenge the current state.


Artistic Director | Rami Be’er
Choreography and Soundtrack Design| Eyal Dadon
In Collaboration with KCDC 2 Dancers
Costume Design | Gaelle van Lierde
Stills  and Video Photography | Gil Nemet ‘Cactus Studios’
KCDC 2 Director | Danny Eshel
KCDC 2 Rehearsal Manager | Gaelle van Lierde


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International Director
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