“KCDC demonstrates a fresh and innovative language in its excellent production of Horses in the Sky by Be’er, which brings together dreams and a sense of impending apocalypse.” – Haaretz

“Be’er never disappoints! He is a professional who knows exactly how to capture his audience’s interest, and skillfully masters all the secrets of the stage.” – Habama

“Solid, well-structured and impressively executed both in its language and staging.” – The Jerusalem Post

Choreography, Stage Design & Lighting  Rami Be’er
Sound Editing  Rami Be’er
Costume Design  Rami Be’er
Senior Rehearsal Director & Assistant to Artistic Director  Nitza Gombo
Rehearsal Director  Eyal Dadon

High Voltage Journey To The Center Of Human Nature
Sydney Opera House Premiere

“16 dancers flex their muscles in a tight and strong ensemble, synchronized with godly precision. You will be hypnotized by the way music carries the dancers’ expressive upper bodies. Putting aside from the occasional dark or humorous moments, Horses in the Sky has a somewhat ethereal quality and this is magnified by the satisfying union of costume, lighting, and choreography.

Although the stage itself is bathed in light that illuminates the dancers’ bodies, there is a sharply linear contrast towards the black depths of the wings and back of the stage. You feel inundated by the beauty of androgyny on stage, as all dancers are wearing only pale cream shorts and shirts and whiter-than-white briefs.

The musical universe of the performance mixes with artistry original creators such as Bjork with Elvis Presley, theater and film music, and a surprising bit of banjo vaudeville.

Artistic Director and choreographer Rami Be’er invites audiences to find their own interpretations of his “reflections of the world.”

– The Sydney Morning Herald

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