“One of the best modern dance companies in the world!  A refreshing, sweeping, virtuosic and magical experience!”  – Ma’ariv

“An incredible new work…fascinating, mature and cohesive…a superb performance by Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company…Perhaps the best work the company’s premiered in years!” – Ora Brofman

Choreography, Stage Design & Lighting  Rami Be’er
Sound Editing  Rami Be’er, Alex Claude
Costume Design  Rami Be’er, Lilach Hatzbani
Senior Rehearsal Director & Assistant to Artistic Director  Nitza Gombo
Rehearsal Director  Eyal Dadon

“Dedicated to my parents Shosha & Menny Be’er who have passed away this year.”
– Rami Be’er

A Love Song for Parents

Be’er examines, through dance, the love of his parents, that survived the Holocaust, for the European cultural heritage that they passed on to him. Therein “the caverns of dance” he succeeds for a moment to awaken fragments of memories from the life and the culture he received from his father and mother. On a stage that is dimly lit, partially by a chandelier hanging in the center, he creates the sense of a dark space, from which heartbeats can be heard. In these composition structures, we see the presence of the architectural heritage of Rami’s father. Manny was one of the prominent architects who formulated the kibbutz architectural concept from the mid-1950s, expressing the ideology of the kibbutz residents who lived lives of cooperation and equality within a united, homogenous society.

Rami presents one of the most wonderful requiem works created in dance in recent years. It is a work that on one hand is abstract, timeless and universal, but at the same time, it manages to spin fine threads into the private and intimate love story of his parents and the deep sense of loss left by their deaths.”  – by Yonat Rothman

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