A theatrical world where characters come to life. Intended to be performed in a theatrical arena or setting in elementary schools and high school gymnasiums, and children’s’ dance theater festivals where the audience sits around the stage. The close proximity and interaction of the audience with the performing dancers, creates tension and uniqueness.

This performance is for the entire family and is performed by KCDC’s Second Company (KCDC 2). Appropriate for school children, high school ages and to the general public.


A story of people. Each with his or her own story.
Worlds of People. Each with his or her own world.
Dreams, Wishes, and Disappointments…
Comedic allegory in the world of theatrical cabaret.
A story of people…

There once was an old story whose origin was unknown.
They told it.
The shortened it.
They read it on and on.

– David Avidan

“I must thank you for a wonderful performance!  The school children so enjoyed it and your cast of dancers put their entire soul into the piece and created an intimate environment which was simply a pleasure to watch.  The fact that we sat around the stage, created a cohesive and pleasant space.  Thank you for your visit and wishing you all the best.” 

Miri Oved Kashdan
Cultural Director, Pisgot Regional School District