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A black garden is revealed.
An invisible world is revealed using the infrared light spectrum.
Black bodies reveal colors.

Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company Infrared

Choreography, Text, Stage & Lighting Design: Rami Be’er
Music: J.S. Bach, Nine Inch Nails, Animal Collective, Max Richter, Israel Bright, Doves, John Surman, Diamanda Galas, Otomo Yoshihide
Sound Design: Alex Claude
Costume Design: Maor Tzabar
Narration of ‘In the Black Garden’: Israel Bright

Duration: 65 minutes

“An aesthetic, colorful work that is rich in movement and music.” Tal Levin, Achbar Online

“A creation of an immensely-talented choreographer of artistic honesty and excellent dancers.” Anat Zechariya, NRG

“A company whose dancers radiate virtuose strength” Elyakim Yaron, Kol Yisrael