Mateh Asher Regional Council is situated in the Western Galilee and is appropriately named after the Biblical tribe of Asher which settled this very geographic region in ancient times. The Council was established in 1982 upon the consolidation of three regional councils: Ga’aton Regional Council, Ne’eman Regional Council, and Sulam Tzur Regional Council of Akko. Today, Mateh Asher Regional Council covers an area of 220,000 inhabitants and includes 32 villages which comprise of kibbutzim, moshavim (agricultural villages), Arab villages and one co-op village.

The dance studio is located in Kibbutz Ga’aton and as of today is received approximately 300 students for dance study annually. These students are either part of extended programs in the periphery, study at the Ga’aton Studio which includes a dance department in cooperation with the local Manor-Kabri School, or they are part of the advanced dance and dance workshops programs.