eChoosing The best Summer Intensive For You

If you are looking for the best summer intensive, we are proud to say that students in our Summer Intensive program will develop not only their dance technique and strength, but they will experience the best that Israeli contemporary dance can offer.

Israel has become a leader in the contemporary dance scene and the Summer Intensive is the best way to get a taste.

Why Every Dancer Should Attend a Summer Intensive

If you are like the dancers and dance students we often meet across the world while we tour and also at in our dance programs, you often think about how you can continually develop and master those challenging moves of pieces you’ve been working on.  You’re continuously looked for new ways to gain increased strength and stamina in a short time and have searched for new approaches how to master the most important contemporary dance techniques.  A summer intensive provides a perfect way to do just that while meeting other amazing dancers and most importantly, how to become the best dancer in the world.

The good news is that you can fulfill all your wishes at the Kibbutz Summer Intensive where the best teachers, dancers, and choreographers of our times will be helping you to get the dancer you wish to be.

You will get stronger in less than two weeks, you will get a deeper understanding of the most important modern dance techniques (release, gaga, floor work, improvisation) and you will also have some fun with some serious jazz and hip-hop classes.

Watch this video to get a sneak peek of the company’s repertoire that you are going to learn during this Summer Intensive.

What Are The Classes Like

Whether you are in a beginner, intermediate or advanced group, the classes are varied; from ballet and contemporary dance to company repertoire. You will be encouraged to try new things, research, and look deeper into every moment in order to achieve more awareness and rich quality in your movement.  You can read more about your Summer Intensive teachers here.

Learning from some of the best professional dancers and while living at the International Dance Village, you will be in constant contact with Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company dancers and world-renowned Artistic Director, Rami Be’er.

You will get to train with them, acquire new dance techniques and tips, and also watch them rehearsing and performing in the company’s Zichri Theater in the Dance Village.

It is a unique opportunity to witness and see firsthand the professional art of dance and gain inspiration, work ethic, and passion you need for your own future career; whether it be in dance or whichever path you choose.

Feel free to ask us anything If you are curious to see what a day at the Kibbutz Summer Intensive looks like.  We welcome you to read through our Summer Intensive page, the Frequently Asked Questions page and the testimonials page to learn all about this exceptional program.

One thing is for sure, this Summer Intensive is like no other on the planet as it takes place at the International Dance Village. Dancers from across the world are in for a life-changing experience.



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