During this global epidemic as look forward to return to normalcy, we sat down with company dancer Dylan Tedaldi, hailing from Boston (USA) and learn of his background and personal experience dancing in Kibbutz Contemporary Company and living at our company’s home at The International Dance Village in Kibbutz Ga’aton, Israel.

Tell us a bit about your dance background and where you’re from.
I’m Dylan, and I’m from Boston. I’ve always connected really deeply with music.  I played a bunch of instruments when I was younger but wasn’t really good at them. I also really liked gymnastics and being physical, but I wasn’t so great at sports either. My friends in grade school were dancers, so they introduced me to dance. We would make up dances to the Spice Girls and Britney Spears and perform them for our parents. I started hip hop classes when I was about seven, and I haven’t stopped dancing since.

Dylan Tedaldi in Rami Be’er’s ‘Asylum’

Where did you study and where did you dance prior to joining Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company?
After a couple years of hip hop and tumbling classes, I started training at the Boston Ballet School. I did summer courses around the States and moved to Germany for my final year of training at the Hamburg Ballet School. The following year I joined the National Ballet of Canada, where I danced for nine years. I love and appreciate classical ballet, but after working with some wonderful contemporary choreographers like Crystal Pite and Wayne McGregor, I realized that the freedom and endless possibility of contemporary language resonated more deeply with me. I joined Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in 2018 and have really enjoyed the challenge of learning an entirely new way of moving and working.

What attracted you to the movement language of Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company and that of Artistic Director Rami Be’er’s work?
The first performance I saw was Mother’s Milk, and I was immediately struck by the freedom with which all the dancers moved inside of the choreography. The ensemble was in beautiful unison and yet every dancer had such a wonderfully unique movement quality. I saw that the dancers weren’t acting or trying to be anything other than themselves. The dancing felt honest.

Dylan Tedaldi in Rami Be’er’s ‘A Good Citizen’

What is it like living among professional dancers, international dance students, and dance professionals at The International Dance Village in Kibbutz Ga’aton, Israel?
Life here is such a unique situation. We are all so lucky to be surrounded by other artists. Dance can become intimidating because it requires so much self-scrutiny and risk-taking; however, when you are able to connect, day and night, with other artists that are also questioning their own relationship to movement, you feel a little less overwhelmed.

Can you share with us how/what you feel dancing with the company on stage?
I feel that despite our sense of community, we all have such distinct journeys throughout the course of each performance. Our paths may cross, and in these moments, we support one another, but for the most part, we are forced to create our own stories. Consequently, each show feels very personal and meditative.

How’s your experience been teaching dance students from across the world at the company’s Kibbutz Summer Intensive and the 5-month Dance Journey Program
I have taught repertoire and ballet at the Kibbutz Summer Intensive and ballet for the Dance Journey program. This year I also choreographed on the Dance Journey students. I love teaching—I really value the opportunity to pass on information that has helped me, and I think it’s important to share and grow with younger dancers. Choreographing was particularly exciting for me because it forced me to question a lot of my methods and choices as a creator.

What’s your most memorable international experience with the company?
Wow, I have a lot of wonderful tour memories. Climbing the Great Wall of China as a big family was especially unforgettable.

Closing thoughts?
Just that communication between artists is energy and life… so I guess I’d just like to encourage anyone with any questions or thoughts to feel free to reach out! (@dilltea)


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