While we’re all sharing in these unusual times, we took the time to sit with company dancer Léa Bessoudo-Greck, who’s been dancing in our main company since 2016.

Tell us a bit about your dance background and where you’re from.
I’m Lea. French-Israeli. I come from a beautiful little town called Cagnes-sur-Mer in the French Riviera of southeastern France. I officially made ‘Aliyah’ (became an Israeli citizen), a few years after moving to Israel. I can say that before starting the journey of deciding to join a professional school in order to achieve the goal of becoming a professional in the field of dance, I was quite shy as a young girl. I found, over time, that I would lose this nervousness whenever movement was applied. Whenever it was ‘showtime’, I simply felt free to expose myself and share. After this, it became very clear that this was my main natural way of self-expression.

Léa Bessoudo-Greck in ‘Asylum‘ by Rami Be’er

Where did you study and where did you dance prior to joining Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company?
I studied at the Princesse Grace Dance Academy in Monte Carlo and lived there in the boarding school for 6 years from age 12. After moving to Israel, I collaborated with Nadine Animato Dance Theater, joined the Dance Workshop dance program in Kibbutz Ga’aton, collaborated with KCDC 2 (Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company’s Second Company), and officially joined the main company in 2016.

What attracted you to the movement language of Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company and that of Artistic Director Rami Be’er’s work?
I believe there is very strong movement research developed in contemporary dance in Israel. This is the main reason why I moved here. It was a clear need to move here and get ‘fed’ as I felt an urgency. Shortly after making the move, I met Rami Be’er’s work. I always admired his strong artistic eye and his strong will of sharing something in a suggestive manner. His works are warm and cold’ denouncing something violent, actual and close to reality while comforting at the same time; sharing something dark and light at the same time. Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company is a unique ensemble; a group of people that bring much power and energy together on stage, and share a common message through movement.

Léa Bessoudo-Greck (Right) in ‘Asylum’ by Rami Be’er

What is it like living among professional dancers, international dance students, and dance professionals at The International Dance Village in Kibbutz Ga’aton, Israel?
Ah, living in Kibbutz Ga’aton is very special. First of all, we are in nature, and I highly appreciate that. We get to live in a lifestyle that most people aren’t able to while working professionally in this field. As time has gone on, I’ve learned that I actually enjoy it more and more. I would call it a creative bubble. It is unique to all be reunited here and to get to meet new dancers from abroad every 5 months via the company’s Dance Journey study abroad program which attracted elite dance students from across the world. We’re a closely-knit community and we share the same passion.

Can you share with us how/what you feel dancing with the company on stage?
I feel our power as a group. Great energy. I highly respect and admire my colleagues. I personally feel I’m playing with character(s) and traveling through time or pausing in time.

What’s your most memorable international experience with the company?
The premiere of ‘Horses in the Sky’ by Rami Be’er at The Sydney Opera House!!!

Have you taught dance students at the 5-month Dance Journey Program? If so, can you share what it means to you?
I have been working with the company’s Dance Journey Program for a year and a half now. I taught the company repertoire last year, but this year, I have been creating original choreography on them. The main company dancers are chosen for a choreography residency and create original work on the Dance Journey program dancers. I am so grateful this platform where I’ve met beautiful movers and souls and I am excited to meet more in the future. Creating has become vital for me as an artist and feel fortunate to start my own path through this creative platform.

Closing thoughts?
In these strange times, many of us feel shut down. Let’s be smart and use this time for things we don’t have or give time for normally. Yesterday, I started to study online! But mainly, keep your mind and body as creative as possible. Let’s get inspired by this time and express it in our own way!


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