Billy Thomas

Born in Australia in 2003. Studied dance at Hunter School of the Performing Arts in Broadmedow in 2019. Danced at The Belmont Dance Center between 2016-2019. Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden in Dresden, Germany (2020-2023). During school, participated in the pieces, ‘Your Passion Is Pure Joy To Me’ by Stijn Celis, ‘Hiddensee & Sylt’, improvisation performances coached by Katharina Christl in 2022.  Interned with Opera Ballet Vlaanderen in 2022. Performed in ‘Feel The Heat’ by Yossi Berg & Oded Graff. In 2022, performed the works of  ‘Is to Be’ by Didy Veldman, ‘2m2’ by Lorenzo Topino, ‘Africa’ by Jiri Bubenicek, a year earlier ‘January 7’ by Riccardo de Nigris 2021.

Joined Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company’s main company for the 2023-2024 season.