I had chosen to join the Kibbutz Summer Intensive as Israel was the closest Summer Intensive to my hometown in South Africa and it was a place that I had wanted to visit for years. As a professional contemporary dancer, Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company’s repertoire intrigued me. The style is very different to most European styles of contemporary dance, which is why I wanted to go, to learn how to move in different ways and come out of my comfort zone. Essentially break bad dancing habits and learn new ways to choreograph.

The dance space was very comfortable and the program provided a healthy environment to grow as a dancer.  The dancers were very friendly and made my overall dance experience. Each individual’s energy truly added to my experience and personal growth.

Living at the International Dance Village in Kibbutz Ga’aton, Israel is very comfortable and exciting.  I loved being around so many people from different parts of the world.  Everyday was a gift and a surprise. The choreography was challenging and  technically demanding. I enjoyed the fact that every class had their own different flavour, style and discipline of dance.

Life is about relationships and at the Kibbutz Summer Intensive you create lifelong friendships from around the world and practically become best friends during this time together.  It’s honestly eat, sleep and living ‘dance.’  Everyone around you is a passionate dancer and it is simply awesome to share a space with respectful and like-minded people with the same passion as you.

Everyday at the Intensive brought so much joy and the teachers’ energy and compassion truly contributed to my growth as a person. Furthermore the environment is very safe and dancing everyday for 5-hours really pushed my limits and I went back home ready to push even further.

Besides the great development and improvement made in my dancing from daily dance classes, the friendships and memories created inside the Kibbutz at the Summer intensive and touring through Israel were some of the greatest highlights of this unforgettable experience.

Talia Lewis
Cape Town, South Africa

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