This past August, I flew to Israel for KCDC’s Summer Intensive dance program and over the course of my stay I grew and learned much more than I could have ever imagined.  Attending this summer dance camp has taught me so much more than just about dance.

Both the teachers as well as the students were so passionate to teach and to learn which influenced me greatly in many positive ways as I gained confidence and learned how to express myself in a much richer way both as a dancer and as a person.

This opportunity and the program showed me there are so many ways that learning can be both fun and educational.  During the Summer Intensive, I was very glad that we also had the opportunity see KCDC perform in the company’s theater in the Dance Village.  The company’s dancers are fantastic.  Everyone here is friendly as they always ‘wear’ a smile.  It has been a wonderful experience learning and working with the teachers and students.

I feel very privileged and honored to have participated into this summer dance program. This trip has brought me much laughter, new connections from all over the world, and unforgettable memories.

I hope I will have another opportunity to visit Israel again in the near future!

Xinmin Pan
Beijing, China

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