Participating in KCDC’s Dance Journey Program was the most transformative and beneficial experience of my life as a dancer and person. I attended the program because I was looking for intense, physical dance training, and I received exactly that and so much more. I was challenged physically and mentally like never before, and given priceless tools with which to approach movement and push my body to achieve new things. Despite all of us dancers having different past experience, instruction was presented in a way that we could each access and unlock something special in ourselves through hard work and by considering the concrete information being given to us daily.

I originally decided to attend the program for five months, but eventually chose to stay for ten, which was the best decision I could have made. The first five months, I overcame so many mental obstacles, got settled into kibbutz life, and got into a professional working rhythm and mindset, while starting to become familiar with the KCDC style. The second five months, I felt I had an incredible foundation to dive even deeper, and could work on my physicality better. Our teachers (ex and current KCDC company members) were unbelievably talented, inspiring, and generous with their time and knowledge. They pushed us hard while caring for us deeply.

The friends I made through this program are now some of my best friends, and I still respect and learn so much from them even though we are scattered all over the world. In fact a year after the program, one of my Dance Journey program friends from France came to create a dance piece with me in Singapore where I live. Besides all this, I fell in love with living in Israel, and enjoyed so many things about the country – the natural beauty (and beaches!), people, food, sights, language, and of course so much top quality contemporary dance. It was also really special to be based in the kibbutz, living simply, surrounded by nature, and free to confront myself and my dance practice deeply. Now, I truly credit my experience at this program for any confidence and success I have as a dancer, and remember it as the most invigorating time of my life. I could not recommend and praise this program enough after having the most fulfilling time dancing with KCDC.

Ahilya Kaul

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