The Dance Journey program is intense and gratifying.  Its an incredibly unique experience.  For me, making friends from all over the world, getting to know Israeli culture, and working with KCDC’s main company dancers to create a new work had a tremendous and lasting impact.

Dance Journey attracts dancers of different ages and various backgrounds from around the world.  Living together in the International Dance Village and working hard everyday allows for a great bonding experience.  I am appreciative of the invaluable opportunity to exchange with so many different individuals.  It’s now two years later and I still keep in contact with the friends I made.  I have even worked with a few in their native countries.  It’s great that the relationships built on the kibbutz and program continue to exist outside of Israel.

A huge component of the Dance Journey is exposure to Israel and its culture.  Israel is an absolutely beautiful country that I am grateful to have personally experienced.  The Dance Journey program includes community involvement in and out of Kibbutz Ga’aton, Q&As with educators, community leaders and Israelis, and trips to other regions of the country.  These aspects were major highlights for me and uniquely enriched my experience.

And, of course, we danced…a lot!  The company repertoire is fun but physically demanding so in the midst of that it was balancing to be a part of a creative process with a main company dancer.  I found this time of creative engagement refreshing.

There is nothing quite like living and dancing in Kibbutz Ga’aton.

Avery-Jai Andrews
Dallas, Texas, USA

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