San Mateo Dancer Kicks Up Her Heels in Israeli Dance Study Abroad Program

June 16, 2017
by Renee Ghert-Zand

As Meredith Charlson spun across the floor at the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in Ga’aton, Israel, she thought about how dreams can come true with a lot of work and a little luck. Four years ago, Charlson, then a senior at Aragon High School in San Mateo, saw the KCDC dancers perform at the JCC of San Francisco. Now she was dancing with the internationally renowned company in a five-month training study abroad program that wraps up this month.

Dancing His Way To The Top

Hills News
January 23, 2017
by Helen Gregory

National College of Dance student Linton Krupic secures place at Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in Israel. The 18 year old from Coal Point will fly on February 1 to Israel, where he has secured a place in the revered Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company’s study program, Dance Journey.

An Uplifting Journey

The Jerusalem Post
January 31, 2014
by Barry Davis

In addition to provide the participants with first-rate dance instruction, Kibbutz's international Dance Journey study abroad dance program in Israel offers a way of bringing several dozen talented dancers over age 18 to this part of the world and showing them some of the positive aspects of life here that may not find their way into the international media…Young dancers are in for something of a utopian experience...