A true pleasure to sit down with the talented Ilya Nikurov of our main company, hailing from Russia and learn of his background and personal experience dancing in Kibbutz Contemporary Company and living at our company’s home at The International Dance Village in Kibbutz Ga’aton, Israel.

Tell us a bit about your dance background and where you’re from.
I’m from Russia. I started doing ballroom dance as a kid and continued through my school years.  After that, I spent quite a bit of time trying different styles: folk, jazz, hip-hop (kind-of), ballet, contemporary, and musical theater.

Where did you study and where did you dance prior to joining Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company?
I graduated from the university in my hometown, Kemerovo, with a degree in history.  Afterwards, I moved to Moscow to pursue my desired dance career.  For the next 6 years, I worked in the Great Moscow Circus and in several different musical theatres and contemporary dance projects, as well as being a member of the Boroditsky Dennis Dance Company.

Ilya Nikurov in Rami Be’er’s If At All | Photo by Eyal Hirsch

What attracted you to the movement language of Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company and Rami Be’er’s work?
I was introduced to the movement language of KCDC through a workshop I took in St Petersburg, Russia while the company was on tour, performing at the Alexandrinsky Theatre theater.  I was impressed and fascinated by the dance quality of the company members who taught the material.  In this workshop, I enjoyed the way I was able to express myself through the repertoire of Rami Be’er’s works. After joining and spending some time working with the company, I realized that a big part of KCDC’s dance language is the individual expression of the company members.  Through this, the language constantly evolves, while still keeping the high intensity and expression of the roots of Rami’s Be’er’s style.

What is it like living amongst professional dancers, international dance students, and dance professionals at The International Dance Village in Kibbutz Ga’aton, Israel?
Apart from all the work, which of course is filled with dance and interactions with artists of all ages and levels of experience, you can call this place a quiet, little bubble. It’s up to you how to feel about it.

Can you share with us how/what you feel dancing with the company on stage?
I enjoy the research involved in the creative process; something that is personal to me.  I love  taking part in the group communication and exchange both on stage and in the studio.

Ilya Nikurov in Rami Be’er’s ‘If At All’ | Photo by Eyal Hirsch

What’s your most memorable international experience with the company?
Wow. There are so many. Performing at the Sydney Opera House, climbing the Great Wall of China, singing karaoke in South Korea and many more.

Have you taught dance students at the Kibbutz Summer Intensive and/or the 5-month Dance Journey Program?  If so, can you share what it means to you?
For 3 years of my time being here, I created short pieces on the students of the Dance Journey Program, as well as teaching floor work to them for one year. I certainly learned a lot from that, especially in the creation process. Having the space to research and try many things helped me to learn about what I like in choreography.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Sometimes the routine of life doesn’t give us so much space to consider our decisions. It seems to me like the time we are living in right now suits for taking a step back, and asking yourself questions that you were too busy to ask before. This might be the right moment to think about it.


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