Living on a kibbutz at KCDC’s International Dance Village and taking part in the Dance Journey program for the past 10 months has simply been the greatest experience of my life!

The program has been such a great experience for me both from a professional as well as a humanistic standpoint.  I’ve met so many incredible people here and have learned so much about myself and about dance.  I’ve improved and developed my skills as a dancer in such a profound way while having had the chance to get to know Israel; an amazing country that I’ve now fallen in love with

The Dance Journey program is so unique, challenging and rich.  The participants in the program came from all across the world and I feel as though I now know the world better.  Each participant is so different and full of beauty and one thing I found very special about the Dance Journey program is that it does not place us all in a box but rather recognizes our individuality and differences and allows us to embrace it.

The program’s curriculum helped us develop our own qualities and strengths while pushing us to reach our limits and getting the best out of us.  The amount of improvement as a dancer that I’ve personally experience and the strides that I’ve seen others make, is simply incredible.   I’ve learned from this program a deep sense of love for yourself, the people around you and for the community that surrounds you.

The Dance Journey program will give you more than you can every imagine and will help you discover something within you that you’re probably still not aware of.  I will always be grateful to the people that founded and created this program.  I wouldn’t be the person and the dancer I am today without them!

Sara Grenga
Pordenone, Italy

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