Milk From The Well

Mother’s Milk“, the new work from the Kibbutz Dance Company, directed by choreographer Rami Be’er, is a refreshing, stirring, virtuoso and magical experience

by Zach Oryan (Oracz)

Mother’s Milk, a new dance performance by Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, had its premiere at the company’s traditional annual gala evening. In his new work, Rami Be’er, the Artistic Director of the veteran dance company, deals with couplehood and unconditional love, and dedicates it to his parents, Shosha and Manny Be’er, Holocaust survivors who died this year. His parents, among the founders of Kibbutz Ga’aton, were steeped in literature, music and culture, with which they nourished their son. The work of Be’er, who has been the company’s in-house choreographer for the past 20 years, is usually characterized by unique combinations, by a stage language that is unique to him and to the company, which was founded in 1973 and still operates from Kibbutz Ga’aton, where its dancers live and work.

In his latest work, Be’er is significantly renewing himself and his unique language of movement, and presents a refreshing and stirring performance, making original and intriguing use of the relations between the various visual objects of the work.

Thus, for example, the use of a stage light carried by one of the dancers, who wanders slowly among the dancers lying on the darkened stage and locating them with a shaft of yellow light; the use of recitation of repeated text containing an essential question about relationships and their price; a humorous passage based on the faces made by the company’s three Oriental dancers with their wide-open mouths; a magical intimate duet by two female dancers, standing one behind the other and suddenly moving their heads in original ways.

A large part of the enjoyment of “Mother’s Milk” is due to the variegated musical collage, but above all it is due to the impressive company of 17 dancers, most of them possessing great grace, skill and motile abilities that have positioned the Kibbutz Dance Company as one of the best modern dance companies in the world.

The movements in “Mother’s Milk” are highlighted by precise lighting (designed by Be’er) and matching black clothing (designed by Lilach Hatzbani) as well as the visually pleasing use of long, loose sleeves. It would have been good if Be’er had shortened the work and skipped one of the segments of the piece’s  journey. Nevertheless, this is still a virtuoso, magical and wonderful dance performance.

MAARIV  Magazine  |  12 June 2017

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