I’ve participated in the last few KCDC Summer Intensive programs and I can earnestly say that they’ve given me a lot!

From a professional standpoint, the Summer Intensive allowed me to take advantage of my summer break by getting ahead, continuing my development, and staying fit. This dance program at KCDC’s Summer Intensive allowed me to strengthen my existing skills and provided me with important new tools. The Summer Intensive’s personal touch gives each participant the possibility to become aware of his or her strengths and emphasizes the points that need to be strengthened and work on while the approach and staff adapt to everyone’s needs.

In addition, the exceptional care, guidance and mentorship of the staff along with the pleasant atmosphere of being in the presence of teenagers and young adults who are like you and have similar passions and interests, provided for an exciting and fruitful experience in many ways. Each Summer Intensive with KCDC in which I participated, was truly fun and pleasurable!

More importantly, I’d like to stress the fact that the stronger characteristics of the style of dance at KCDC’s International Dance Village in Kibbutz Ga’aton has helped me in more ways than one, both in my journey in dance and also personally. It has brought me to where I am today; dancing professionally in KCDC’s Second Company.

The warmth that embraced me during these courses at KCDC’s Summer Intensive, accompanied the kindness and caring relationships that exist even today with the professional staff.

Ofek Admoni

Ramat Gan, Israel

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