I’ve attended KCDC’s Summer Intensive for 5 consecutive summers and every year I’ve learned something new. During my time at the Summer Intensive, I became acquainted not only to technique, company repertoire and new kinds of classes, but also new approaches to dance. The summer dance program educated me and taught me in so many different ways; it showed me and exposed me to countless repertoires, gave me access to work with an amazing choreographers in a way that I never knew was possible, and it gave me a taste of the professional world of dance.

One of my favorite things in the course is the fact that every participant has his or her place and is treated as an individual. As I changed and developed over time, from each consecutive summer program, I have always gained new insights and tools from year to year. Whether or not I succeeded in mastering one or two pirouettes, I was always placed in the fitting dance group (level).

KCDC’s summer dance program is suitable for anyone interested in expanding his or her dance horizon and looking to be exposed to new ways while working in a professional manner while enjoying this amazing experience!

Ya’ara Melamed
Tel Aviv, Israel

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