Participating in KCDC’s Dance Journey Program has been the most powerfull experience I’ve ever had!

First of all the Dance village is so beautiful and peaceful! It really allows you to focus solely on dance and in the experience itself.
I learnt a lot about myself and about dance but above all, it allowed me to go deeper into my creative and human side.

Living with my classmates and friends everyday was hard sometimes but I felt a lot of love and support from them and also from Danielle Ohn (the program’s Professional Director) and Roni Ronen (the Administrative Director), they were the most important support.
It’s really amazing that you can learn KCDC’s repertoire directly from the dancers of the company and the fact that they let us use the theater and costumes makes this experience so unique.

Besides the members of the company are really nice people, are open and are willing to help and give support at any time, and of course AMAZING dancers! I’m really thankful for this amazing experience!

Pamela Moraga
Santiago, Chile

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