I chose KCDC’s Summer Intensive for a few reasons.  First off, I got amazing recommendations from many friends, saying that the experience was unique and one that would last a lifetime.  Though I live in America, I spent most of my summers in Israel and I wanted to keep up my dance training as best as I could.
KCDC not only allowed me to keep my training, but also bettered me further than I ever expected. The teachers were fantastic, and I not only got better as a dancer, but also as an overall performer and person. The love the teachers and my fellow students had for dance and life made the experience so incredible. The campus itself was beautiful, and the apartments were spacious. The fields were beautiful and the studios were also in great condition.
I enjoyed meeting old and new friends from Israel, as well as friends from Switzerland, Italy, the U.S, and all over the world. It’s an amazing experience I would recommend to anyone.
Thank you for everything!
Tom Boss
California, USA

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