This intensive will change your life.
I chose to attend KCDC’s Summer Intensive to be immersed in the culture of Israel.  I am drawn to KCDC’s movement qualities as well as all of the contemporary companies of Israel. You just don’t find what they are doing in the U.S. so I decide to make the journey to Israel for the first time.  Living on a kibbutz was awesome because all the company dancers, teachers, staff, and their Artistic Director Rami Be’er live in the company’s Dance Village, just a short walk from all the studios.  It felt like a big family that shared the same interest as me.  Other than the dancers, the other people in the kibbutz were incredibly friendly and I always felt welcomed.
The teachers are flat out amazing!  I loved their understanding of the company’s material, movement, and their maturity in dance.  I truly felt like they have helped me push through that learning curve to think more selfishly about my intentions in movement and how to be emerged with the energy of other dancers, the music, and the audience.
I would love for anyone who is curious to learn more about movement to come to this intensive. The counselors (shout out to Regev!) will help you adjust to the kibbutz and the rigorous schedule ahead.  The classes will push you on other levels to be better movers, thinkers, and choreographers. On top of everything, the people you will meet from Israel and abroad will blow your mind how much love they have for dance. I met some of my best friends there and still keep in contact even though there is a big ocean between us.
Elijah Motley
Danville, Virginia (USA)

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