Our Summer Intensive is a 2, 4 or 6-week program held at the International Dance Village in Kibbutz Ga’Aton in northern Israel.  This international dance community is home to professional dancers of our main and second companies, choreographers, dance teachers, and of course, our dance students who hail from across the world. Two of our emerging dance students, Christina Gleeson of Fairfax, Virginia (USA) and De’Ja Farr of Dallas, Texas (USA), share with us their dance camp experience from our most-recent Summer Intensive.

Photo by Lior Horesh | Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company Summer Intensive

We asked Christina and De’Ja why they chose the Kibbutz Summer Intensive and we were thrilled to hear the answers!  De’Ja explains “I fell in love with Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company when they came to Dallas to perform last year at the AT&T Performing Arts Center. The movement quality is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, and I was intrigued to learn how to move like that! I was confident in the fact that by coming to this Summer Intensive, I would receive the intense pre-professional training I longed for all while experiencing a new culture.”

Christina shares that the reason for her enrollment was “because I was looking for a program that would not only enhance my dance training, but a program that would enrich my creativity and artistry. The Summer Intensive provided both, and the intensive gave me an opportunity to explore a culture that I have always wanted to learn more about.”

Photo by Lior Horesh | Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company Summer Intensive

During her time at the International Dance Village, De’Ja was positively influenced by one of our company dancers and dance teachers, David Warren Parker.  De’Ja said, “He is an amazing dancer and teacher. He taught me how to dance full out through release technique and how to really travel across the room. He also taught me not be afraid to try something new. This changed my dancing completely.” In addition, Christina felt that “the second company members who taught repertoire inspired me to dance bigger and bolder. The way they approached teaching the material made me have to step out of my comfort zone, which in turn greatly developed my dancing.”

With our 2019 Summer Intensive program kicking off in less than 5 months, now is the time to enroll, and secure your dream summer experience!  We look forward to welcoming you into our community of dancers from around the world.



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